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ET-31B Time Weather Station

The Time Weather Station works on receiving the time radio signal. The time signal is generated by the US Atomic Clock, which is located in Colorado. The Atomic Clock is operated by the US Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology. To enhance good reception, avoid placing the unit near television sets, metal surfaces, computers or electric devices as these equipment will interfere the reception of the radio signal.

The lower part of the LCD shows the relative humidity and temperature readings. The unit can be placed on the desktop by pulling out the stand at the back or mounted onto the wall by a piece of nail or screw (not included).

Battery Replacement and Initialization The unit uses 2 pieces of AAA batteries (or equivalent), with the battery compartment at the back of the unit. Before inserting the batteries, select the 12/24-display format by placing the 12/24 SELECTION SWITCH (at back of the unit) to the appropriate position. Now open the battery cover and insert the batteries by following the polarity marked. Please insert the battery at the left side first and then followed by the other. Replace the batteries when the LCD display become dim or blinking when alarm sounds.

After installing new batteries, the relative humidity and temperature readings will show a full segment. The hygrometer and thermometer sensors must be initialized before locating the unit for radio signal, by pushing the MIN button and the readings will be displayed after a few seconds.

Selecting the appropriate time zone Under normal time display, press the SET button (which is at the back of the unit) three times to enter the Time Zone Selection Mode. The upper LCD will show “H – ”, with the last number showing time zone selected previously (it will show “H – 0” right after battery installation). Select the appropriate time zone by pushing the HOUR button to increase the number or MIN button to decrease. In most case, the time zone of the unit needed to be set twice a year: when changing from normal time to daylight savings time (summer time) and, when change from daylight savings time to normal time. Please refer to appendix for the time zone setting of the various areas in the US. After the setting the appropriate time zone, press SET button once to return to normal mode. Please follow the next section to initiate the time radio signal reception.

Receiving the time radio signal. Press and hold the SET button to initiate the time radio signal reception. The radio signal on the right of the time display will animate to show the receiving status. You can release the SET button now. If the time signal is received, synchronization will take 3-10 minutes and will show the received time.

Setting the time manually Since the unit works on receiving the time radio signal, there may be locations that the weak and cannot be properly received. Under such circumstance, the radio signal now shows a triangular tower in the lower left hand corner. Try to rotate the unit or place it in the other location to achieve better reception and the process in the sections receiving the time radio signal. If the radio signal can be received, time should be set manually.

Note: No selection on the time zone needed if time is set manually.

Setting the alarm time In the normal time display, press the SET button twice to go to alarm setting mode. The half-minute digits will flash (the “:” not flashing). Press the HR and MIN buttons to advance alarm hour and alarm minute respectively. After setting the alarm time, press SET button twice to bypass the Time Zone Selection Mode and go to normal time display.

To activate the alarm, push the HR button under normal time display and the alarm bell will be shown. When the alarm time matches the current time, an alarm sound will be emitted for one minute. Press the HR or SET button to stop the alarm or, press the MIN button to activate snooze function and the alarm will sound again after 8 minutes.

Setting the temperature measuring scale Push the TEMPERATURE SCALE SWITCH at the back of the unit to C’ position temperature display in Celsius (Centigrade) degree or F’ in Fahrenheit degree display.

Notice The temperature measuring range is 0 C to 50 C (32 F to 122 F). The relative humidity measuring range is 1% to 99%.

ATTENTION: 1. There will be certain places (especially near the eastern coast) that the radio signal is too weak to be received. Under such circumstances, please set the time manually. 2. Please select the appropriate time zone when the Atomic Clock is still in radio signal receiving status (i.e. when the radio signal mark is pulsing). If the time zone is selected after synchronization stopped (the radio signal mark will display three solid curves), the time will not be changed to the current time zone and the clock will display incorrect time for your area. 3. When changing form daylight saving time to standard and vice versa, please select the appropriate time zone first, and then re-initiate the radio signal reception by press and hold the SET button until the radio signal mark start pulsing.

Time Zone Table

Pacific Time (GMT - 8) Use H - 8 Mountain Time (GMT - 7) Use H - 7 Central Time (GMT - 6) Use H - 6 Eastern Time (GMT - 5) Use H - 5

For all time zones, during summer time (Daylight saving time) subract 1 hour. (ex. pacific time would be H-7)

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